The Create Challenge

Our custom-built migration and speed testing tool will duplicate your existing website onto a server then provide an apples to apples comparison of your site’s performance on both our server and your current host’s server by utilizing Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Why are we so confident and why should you trust us to make a duplicate copy of your website? was founded by the core team that originally led to its success. We’ve done this before, and now we’re doing it again. This is a revolutionary migration tool that we stand behind.

This is The Create Challenge!

How it works

Step 1

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In order to perform a true and accurate speed test, it is necessary first to copy your entire website onto one of our servers. This process requires your current username, password, and domain. All information is securely stored, utilized only for the data transfer, and then destroyed at the end of the trial period.

Step 2

We'll migrate your site

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Once the provided credentials are verified, we can start the data transfer. The time necessary to complete this step depends on how large your website is. However, if you decide to host with us as a result of this challenge, then your data is already transferred, making it incredibly fast to then change web hosts.

Step 3

The results are in!

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You’ll receive an email once the challenge has completed. Take a look and see how our server compares to your current host. If you’re ready to make the switch to, we’re here to help.